Used Rolls Royce for sale in Dubai

Used Rolls Royce Cars for sale in Dubai | Buy Rolls Royce Cars in Dubai, UAE -


  • 2019
  • 13,000 Kms

AED 1,790,000

AED 1,120,000

Rolls Royce for Sale in Dubai offers a most valuable, luxurious used Rolls Royce car that is built under complete perfection. Rolls-Royce is a sophisticated luxurious car named for its supreme quality and hand craftsmanship. The interior and exterior looks are luxurious; this feature makes the used Rolls Royce car stand out from the crowd. Rolls Royce cars are lined up with Cullinan, Ghost, Wraith, Phantom.

Rolls Royce for sale Dubai is a wonderful sale and this sale makes the used car buyers happy because the price of a new Rolls Royce car is like a peak of a mountain. has a large number of used Roll Royce cars in UAE and Dubai with an affordable price. Models of Rolls Royce cars are world class level and the car buyers of UAE and Dubai are waiting to buy used Rolls Royce cars to maintain their prestige. has a current model as well as classic used Rolls Royce cars. Shop in and take home a Rolls Royce car that satisfies your needs.

Powerful engine

Rolls Royce Phantom Dubai is smooth and the driver feels like floating on air because of the air suspension system and used Rolls Royce cars barely touch the ground and gives a wonderful experience for the passengers. Rolls Royce Cullinan is the first SUV car having a power of 6.5 l of V12 engine and generates 560 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with all wheel drive and 8-speed automatic system.

Rolls Royce for sale in UAE

Wind noise and road noise are missing in second hand Rolls Royce cars in the UAE on road. Rolls Royces for sale are built with noise isolation between the cargo area and passenger seats. But most of the SUVs and hatchback cars have left the space open where the noise travels through the cabin. Used Rolls-Royce car separates these two areas by a divider. The job of the divider is to absorb the noise and keep the cabin quiet. When you open and close the doors, buyers can feel a difference when compared to other SUVs. You cannot hear the engine sound even when the car is on the move.

Strange doors and hatchbacks

Rolls Royce car doors are peculiar. However, the doors are powered and the individual can close the door by pressing a single button inside the car or by a sensor on the outer door handle. A split tailgate is present in the hatchback of the car which is quite odd. The tailgate may reach the cargo space which has several buttons. These buttons are used to raise and fold the rear seats.

Rolls Royce price in UAE offers cheap used Rolls Royce cars in the UAE. Rolls Royce Cullinan price in UAE ranges from 36000 AED to 2,100,000 AED. Check out our website and shop for a stylish and luxurious used Rolls Royce car for sale in Dubai and UAE.
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