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Our selection of used Tesla cars for sale in Dubai

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Discover Premium Used Tesla Cars in Dubai

Dubai's luxury lifestyle is perfectly complemented by driving an innovative and stylish car. Among the top choices for tech-savvy and eco-conscious car enthusiasts are Tesla vehicles, known for their cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and sleek design. If you're thinking about upgrading your ride, exploring the market for used Tesla cars in Dubai could be a fantastic option.

Find Your Ideal Pre-Owned Tesla in Dubai

The pre-owned car market in Dubai offers a diverse range of options for Tesla fans. From the high-performance Model S to the versatile Model X and the more affordable Model 3, there's a Tesla model to suit every preference and need. Whether you're looking for a vehicle that stands out with its futuristic style or one that offers incredible electric performance, you can find your perfect match among the used Tesla cars for sale in Dubai.

Discover the Best Deals on Used Tesla Cars in Dubai

One of the major advantages of buying a used car in Dubai is the attractive pricing. High-end vehicles like Tesla tend to depreciate quickly, making it possible to purchase a premium model at a fraction of the original cost. By thoroughly exploring the market, you can uncover some of the best deals on used Tesla cars, allowing you to enjoy cutting-edge technology and luxury without breaking the bank.

Innovation and Performance: Used Tesla Cars for Sale in Dubai

Tesla cars are synonymous with innovation and performance. Each model is designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience while maintaining a high level of comfort and sophistication. Whether it's the iconic Tesla Model S, the dynamic Model X, or the efficient Model 3, you can find a used Tesla that embodies both innovation and performance in Dubai.

High-Quality Pre-Owned Tesla Vehicles in Dubai

Quality is crucial when purchasing a used car. The pre-owned Tesla cars available in Dubai are often in excellent condition, with many having low mileage and comprehensive service histories. Reputable dealerships ensure that these vehicles undergo thorough inspections and maintenance checks, guaranteeing you a top-quality car.

Affordable Luxury: Buy Used Tesla Cars in Dubai

Owning a Tesla is a statement of modern luxury and technological prowess. However, you don't need to buy a brand-new car to experience this. Used Tesla cars offer an affordable way to enjoy the advanced features and eco-friendly benefits of this innovative brand. With a range of models available, you can find a Tesla that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Drive in Style with a Used Tesla from Dubai

Driving a Tesla is about more than just getting from point A to point B; it's about the journey and the experience. The sleek design, advanced features, and unparalleled performance make Tesla a preferred choice for those who appreciate cutting-edge technology. By purchasing a used Tesla in Dubai, you can drive in style and make every journey enjoyable.

Your Guide to Buying Used Tesla Cars in Dubai

Navigating the used car market can be challenging, but with the right guidance, it becomes a rewarding experience. When buying a used Tesla in Dubai, consider factors such as the car's history, mileage, condition, and the reputation of the dealership. Test driving multiple models and comparing prices can also help you make an informed decision.

Experience Tesla Excellence with Pre-Owned Models in Dubai

Tesla's commitment to excellence is evident in every model they produce. Even pre-owned Tesla cars retain this excellence, offering reliability and high performance. By choosing a used Tesla, you can experience the brand's hallmark of quality and innovation at a more accessible price point.

Premium Used Tesla Cars: Great Deals in Dubai

In conclusion, the market for used Tesla cars in Dubai is rich with opportunities. From competitive pricing to high-quality vehicles, you can find great deals that allow you to enjoy the luxury and performance of Tesla. Whether you're upgrading your current car or buying your first Tesla, the options available ensure you drive away satisfied.

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Tesla is an electric car that needs a charger to drive. Used Tesla for sale in UAE is completely different from a hybrid car, where the hybrid car requires petrol on the road when the battery charge is down. Tesla used car price in Dubai at affordable. Used car buyers prefer to buy basic models, and they customize the car based on their needs.

Tesla Model S is an electric car filled with fun and energy. The interior design is luxurious, roomy and comfortable. It charges faster, accelerates quicker and drives a long distance. Performance of feature-packed version of the Model S does zero to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds. Each battery in used Tesla Model S for sale in UAE covers over 300, 230, 100 miles. Touch Screen feature in used Tesla car for sale in Dubai includes all functional even when the car is in motion. These features are mostly attracted by UAE residents.

Tesla Model 3 is simpler, smaller and an affordable electric car. Autopilot feature works to some extent while travelling to a longer distance and maintain safer distance between the cars. Tesla Model 3 for sale in UAE can cover a distance of 548km based on the outside temperature and air conditioning kept in medium speed when the battery is fully charged. Tesla cars are less expensive.

Used Tesla Model X for sale in UAE travels 295 miles due to additional loss of aerodynamics and weight when compared to Tesla Model S. Acceleration is quick in Tesla motors. Tesla motors deliver unmatched performance, pairing a vehicle with sports performance. Tesla Model S delivers from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, whereas the Tesla Model X delivers in just fewer than 5 seconds.

Used Tesla Model Y for sale in dubai, The new SUV Compact, Tesla Model Y start Porduction in 2020, and it share 75% of it is parts with the telsa model , an it have third raw seats, Telsa offer the Model Y in 3 diffrent Varent ( Tesla Model Y Standard / Tesla Model Y Long Range / Tesla Model Y Performance),  the avarage range is around 397 Kms per charge.

Whether Tesla is a luxurious car?

Tesla car is filled with style, electric power and high technology, but Tesla cars are mainly sold for its stunning performance and travel 300 miles. Used Tesla Model 3 for sale in UAE is luxurious and affordable while Used Tesla Model X for sale in UAE provides more room for cargo and passengers.

Does a Tesla car need fuel?

Yes. Tesla car does not need a drop of fuel. It is a zero-emission car and runs based on the battery charged. For this reason, used car buyers are interested to buy Tesla used car for sale in UAE. Only thing is they need to go to the nearby charger, rather than a gas station.

Where can I charge a Tesla in the UAE?

Almost in all shopping malls, Destination charging stations are available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to charge Tesla. In Abu Dhabi, Supercharger is available at Masdar City and one more at Jebel Ali in Dubai. Upcoming, more destination stations are planned to be opened in other Emirates.

What is a time duration to charge a Tesla?

Tesla charging stations charge up to 150kw per car and time taken per car is, within 20 minutes-50% is charged, and 100% is charged within 75 minutes. Some of the Tesla supercharging stations use solar panels to obtain energy and provide shades. In the upcoming years, Tesla planned to add solar power generation at superchargers.

What is the lifetime of Tesla battery in UAE?

In Used Tesla’s lifespan, Tesla battery can power its electric car for a million miles. On hearing this, used car buyers feel enthusiastic.

Used Tesla Model 3 cars For sale in Dubai

In 2017 tells launch it mid size four door sedan Tesla Model 3 it come with 2 engine options and in the year 2020 the model 3 become the most eclectic car ever sold over the years.

Tesla promise to build affordable car to compete with mid size saloon cars like BMW 3-Series and some hatchback cars like The VW Golf.

The 2 battery capacity of the Tesla Model-3 was the all electric range and the long range and it can be driven 438 kms and 576 kms. 

In the year of 2020 the model-3 become the most selling electric car ever build all over the world and that because of it is price tag 

Now in dubai it is easy to find in each trip the Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla you can spot it every where, and also Dubai was from the first city Tesla open there showroom, 

Used Tesla Model S cars For sale in Dubai

In June 2012 the Tesla model S was launched and in the year of 2013 the Tesla model S become the best electric car ever sold it is a Luxury sedan and in 2014 Tesla lunched it is performance car of the model S which is come with auto pilot and 360 camera .

I can remember first time I look at the I phone when it came out allot of our Auto Trader staff think that is The Tesla Model is is a game changer like the I pone, it fast as super car and it smart as you iPhone and it is very fuel Efficient as your Toyota. 

Now in dubai you can find allot of Used Tesla Model S, and almost in every trip you go through Shiekh  Zayed Road you can see couple of model S passing through you

It go from 0 to 100 KMPH in just 2.1 second, and in my brain the the number 3.6 second stand for the Ferrari Enzo, and it is top speed 276 KMPH. It is really really fast car.

About Used Tesla Model X Cars  For sale in Dubai

In 2015  the First Tesla SUV gone for sale, and it is famous for it is falcon-wing doors, and the viceroy dance, it packed with gadgets and entreatment unites which is worked when the car is parked. And the connected to the internet so it has it WIFI system, so it like your smart phone it update itself. 

And also the car have Many modes, the best one is the romance mode which is  appear on the middle screen of your car

The basic model of the Tesla Model X come with 2 engin ‘dual Engine cars, and it goes fast from 0 to 100 KMPh in just 3.8 Second, which is very fast compared to the Mitty Ferrari Enzo which is go in 3.6 Second. 

The cars have many modes like baby mode pet mode romance mode and also it come with 2 model, the standard model came with 2 engine and Plaid virgin come with 3 engine providing 1020  house power Used Tesla car price list

USED Tesla Model Y Cars for sale in Dubai

In the year of 2020 Tesla start selling it is forth model  of electric cars and name it  the Model Y, the model Y use allot Model 3 parts around 70% of it is parts come from Tesla Model 3, but the model Y come with third raw seats, it is 7 passenger, and even with short age the Tesla Model Y come in the second place of the most sold car in united state, the car comes with many trims, long range, stranded range and performance, and the stranded range has stoped. The Tesla model Y have big competition from the Volkswagen ID.4.  

Tesla cars are elite when compared to other European EV brands. Used Tesla car price is very affordable with better range. Here is the list of used Tesla car price in UAE,

1. Tesla Model 3 price is 285,000 AED 

2. Tesla Model S price is 289,000 AED

3.Tesla Model y price

4.Tesla Model X Price

Price of Used Tesla  for sale in Dubai 

The price range for Used Tesla  for sale in Dubai, it depends on the year of the car, conditions and specs, .

Search for Used or pre-owned Used Tesla  for sale in Dubai and UAE

If you are looking to buy used or new Used Tesla  in Dubai, one of the best way is to search In our website Auto Trader Dubai, or depends on your city you can search for in the following car market in the UAE, Used Tesla  in used car complex in Aweer Dubai, Used Tesla   for sale in Sharjah car Market, Used Tesla  for sale in Abu Dhabi used car Market, Used Tesla      for sale in Ajman used car Showrooms, Used Tesla  for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road car showrooms, Used Tesla  for sale in Haraj  emirates, you can save the trip and search for your Used Tesla  for sale in all UAE by Simply go to Auto Trader UAE .

In Dubai you can find used Tesla for sale almost in each showroom, used Tesla for sale in Dubai is one of the best-selling cars all over the UAE, Tesla cars in Dubai is famous for it is reliable and easy to maintenance and the spare part it is kind of affordable, you can search for used Tesla for sale in Dubai in Auto Trader and you can find used Tesla Imported from USA from Usa and there is some Tesla for sale in Dubai imported from Europe, Used Tesla for sale in Dubai is a great choice if you looking for sport cars, if move to Dubai or visiting Dubai you can rent A Tesla and drive around Dubai, pre owned Tesla for sale in Dubai,

Tesla Cars Near Me In Dubai.

Find used Tesla Near you in dubai cant be easier, all you need to do go to Auto Trader UAE and select your city and Tesla and models and you are done.

Used Tesla  for sale in Auto Trader Dubai

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Our selection of used Tesla cars for sale in Dubai

Used tesla by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Tesla Model X 2017 AED 0 AED 175,000 AED 129,400 5
Used Tesla Model X 2018 AED 228,000 AED 228,000 AED 228,000 1
Used Tesla Model X 2019 AED 85,000 AED 265,000 AED 202,667 3
Used Tesla Model Y 2020 AED 0 AED 167,000 AED 92,000 6
Used Tesla MODEL 3 2021 AED 0 AED 185,000 AED 137,375 8
Used Tesla Model Y 2022 AED 0 AED 450,000 AED 165,150 20
Used Tesla MODEL 3 2023 AED 0 AED 380,000 AED 156,188 24
Used Tesla MODEL 3 2024 AED 0 AED 810,000 AED 162,000 5
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