Used Honda cars for sale in Dubai

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Our selection of used Honda cars for sale in Dubai

Honda cars for sale in Dubai / Used Honda cars for sale in UAE

Used Honda cars for sale in dubai  

Honda Started manufacturing Motors-cycle and in  1963 Honda introduce to the world it is first car Honda foray, and it four wheels car it is chain pointed to the original of the brand the motorcycle  and a year later Honda Started it is racing, in 1972 the famous Civic introduce to the world and in 1976 the Accord came out, one of the first Honda 4X4 cars came out at 1995 and it car a name plate By Honda CRV, in 1991 Honda will be the first Japanese company to Launch it is Luxury New brand line in USA and the new line called Acura.

The most know and famous models from Honda in the region are, Honda City, `Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and the Honda Jazz, and the known 4X4cars from Honda also in the reign are the Honda CRV, Honda MRV, Honda Pilot. And also Honda have some sport cars like the Honda Civic Type R and the Honda NSX

some Honda models for sale in dubai 

Used Honda Accord Cars for sale in Dubai

After Honda start manufacturing cars in 1963, and the big success of it small sedan the Civic, In 1976, Honda start to build a series of 4 door sedan cars, with a different body shape and style and market them under the name of Accord, and because of that Accord gone tenth Generation in short pried of time, and keep changing the Accord almost every four years, and now Accord it is huge success in the gold area, and it is known for it Quilty, affordable price.

Used Honda Civic Cars for sale in Dubai

In 1972 Honda started it is compact car and name it Honda Civic and the word civic stand for ( Caring, Integrity, Volunteerism, Inclusiveness, Community)  and since the day of first production of the Honda Civic it went through Eleven generation, the first interdiction of the car was 2door coupe Carin 1972 then in the same year Honda introduce the 2 door Hatchback car, and since 1972 till the year of 2020 Honda sold over 18 million car world wide, and become the sixth best selling car in the world, there is too many variant came from the Honda Civic, the most known one in UAE is Honda Civic Type R, and it is the third generation of Honda to have Type R ( R stand for Racing) , as the rest of the world also Honda Civic very a very good car in Dubai and Uae it adapt with UAE market, it have  great resell value, and very good air condition, for hot days in Dubai and UAE during Summer.

Used Honda CRV cars for sale in Dubai

Introduced by Honda in 1995 as Compact Crossover SUV, the Honda CRV cars went through 6 generation since productions ( 1995 Honda CRV - 2001 Honda CRV - 2006 Honda CRV - 2011 Honda CRV - 2016 Honda CRV - 2022 Honda CRV)

Used Honda City cars for sale in Dubai

Introduced by Honda in 1981 as SubCompact car, the Honda City cars went through 7 generation since productions ( 1981 Honda City AA - 1986 Honda City GA - 1996 Honda City 3A - 2002 Honda City GD - 2008 Honda City GM2 -  2014 Honda City GM4 - 2019 Honda City GN)

Used Honda Pilot cars for sale in Dubai

Introduced by Honda in 2002 as Midsize cross over SUV, the Honda Pilot cars went through 4 generation since productions ( 2003 Honda Pilot YF 1/2 -2009 Honda Pilot YF 3/4 - 2016 Honda Pilot YF 5/6 - 2023 Honda Pilot YF 7/8)

Used Honda Crosstour cars for sale in Dubai

Introduced by Honda in 2010 as Midsize crossover SUV, the Honda Crosstour cars went through 1 generation since productions ( 2010 Honda Crosstour )

Used Honda CRX cars for sale in Dubai

The Honda CRX cars is widely regarded as one of the best rides in the company's history, and we believe it has a strong argument for being the best sports car they've ever made. Of course, considering Honda is known for speed, that's a big claim to make, but the CRX is a true legend. Honda produced this two-door vehicle from 1984 to 1991. As you can see, it had a rather brief lifespan when compared to the company's other rides. For the 1992 model year, it was eventually replaced by the Honda CR-X del Sol.

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Price for Used Honda cars for sale in dubai 

The price range for used Honda for sale in Dubai, it depends on year car conation and specs, .

Search for Used or pre owned Honda for sale in dubai and UAE

If you are looking to buy used or new Honda in Dubai, one of the best way is to search In our website Auto Trader Dubai, or depends on your city you can search for in the following car market in UAE, Used Honda in used car complex in Aweer Dubai, Used Honda for sale in Sharjah car Market, Used Honda for sale in Abu Dhabi used car Market, Used Honda for sale in Ajman used car Showrooms, Used Honda for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road car showrooms, Used Honda for sale in Haraj  emirates, you can save the trip and search for your Used Honda for sale in all UAE by Simply go to Auto Trader UAE .

In Dubai you can find used Honda for sale almost in each showroom, used Honda for sale in Dubai is one of the best-selling cars all over the UAE, Honda cars in Dubai is famous for it is reliable and easy to maintenance and the spare part it is kind of affordable, you can search for used Honda for sale in Dubai in Auto Trader and you can find used Honda Imported from USA from Usa and there is some Honda for sale in Dubai imported from Europe, Used Honda for sale in Dubai is a great choice if you looking for sport cars, if move to Dubai or visiting Dubai you can rent A Honda and drive around Dubai, pre owned Honda for sale in Dubai,

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Used Honda in for sale Auto Trader Dubai

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Year Introduce               

Body style                       Hatchback - Sport car - SUV - Sedan    

Top speed                       

Horse power                   


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Our selection of used Honda cars for sale in Dubai

Used honda by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Honda CR-V 1999 AED 7,800 AED 7,800 AED 7,800 1
Used Honda City 2000 AED 4,000 AED 4,000 AED 4,000 1
Used Honda HR-V 2002 AED 7,800 AED 7,800 AED 7,800 1
Used Honda Civic 2004 AED 24,000 AED 24,000 AED 24,000 1
Used Honda CR-V 2005 AED 0 AED 11,500 AED 5,750 2
Used Honda CR-V 2007 AED 23,500 AED 23,500 AED 23,500 1
Used Honda CR-V 2008 AED 13,500 AED 22,000 AED 17,438 8
Used Honda Pilot 2009 AED 0 AED 25,000 AED 16,667 6
Used Honda CR-V 2010 AED 0 AED 28,000 AED 18,167 6
Used Honda Pilot 2011 AED 0 AED 25,000 AED 18,985 13
Used Honda Accord 2012 AED 0 AED 36,000 AED 26,113 16
Used Honda Odyssey 2013 AED 0 AED 38,500 AED 25,304 23
Used Honda Accord 2014 AED 0 AED 42,500 AED 27,848 23
Used Honda Accord 2015 AED 0 AED 134,000 AED 34,844 23
Used Honda Civic 2016 AED 0 AED 64,500 AED 30,237 19
Used Honda Pilot 2017 AED 0 AED 74,000 AED 42,700 15
Used Honda HR-V 2018 AED 0 AED 80,000 AED 40,106 18
Used Honda City 2019 AED 0 AED 99,000 AED 52,210 21
Used Honda Accord 2020 AED 0 AED 95,000 AED 38,144 31
Used Honda Civic 2021 AED 0 AED 89,500 AED 52,043 21
Used Honda Civic 2022 AED 0 AED 125,000 AED 59,519 26
Used Honda Civic 2023 AED 52,000 AED 265,000 AED 110,333 6
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