AED 550,000


Private car

Boats For Sale

  • 1989
  • Entertainment Yacht
  • Custom Build


  • 2024
  • Bow Rider
  • Dubai Marine

AED 500,000

Gulf craft Dolphin Deluxe 31

  • 2008
  • Entertainment Yacht
  • Gulf Craft

AED 85,000

sea ray slx 350

  • 2017
  • Bow Rider
  • Sea Ray

Used Boats for sale in Dubai

Dubai is famous for Luxury Life syle you can rent or buy Luxury Yachts in Dubai very easy, through Auto trader you can find your next boat or yachts by searching through thousands of boats and yachts in Dubia and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Yachts for sale in dubai

Dubai Consider on of the biggest Market in the region for selling used Yachts, you can find most Luxuries yachts for sale in Dubai, some Yachts prices goes for over 7 digits Number, there is many Yachts Dealer in Dubai, for almost all the big brands, Buying Luxury Yachts in Dubai in affordable price is kind of easy, all you need to do just visit our portal Auto Trader UAE and search for Yachts in UAE

jet ski for sale in Dubai

Dubai is famous for it is sunny weather and riding a Jet ski in Dubai over week end is very famous, you can buy used Jet Ski in Dubai for boats showroom in Dubai, or direct from the owner, or you can Buy new Jet ski in dubai from Dealer in UAE, and some Jet ski brands in Dubai, Like Yamaha Jet Ski, and Sea-Doo Jet ski, Kawasaki Jet Ski

Fishing Boats in Dubai

Fishing is nice hoppy to do in the week end, and UAE see and ocean full of all kind of fish, buying a fishing boats in Dubai make your dream come true, you can find in Auto Trader UAE, New and used fishing Boats for sale in Dubai

Jet Boats in Dubai

Jet Boats In Dubai

The waters off of Dubai provide a blank canvas with limitless possibilities for the seasoned marine captain. Whatever your nautical aspirations—exhilarating water sports, the thrill of deep-sea fishing, or tranquil coastal cruises—Dubai's used boat market has plenty to offer.


This article will explore the prospects and options accessible to people who want to own their boat by delving into the burgeoning world of used boat sales in Dubai. We'll also discuss well-known boat producers like Gulf Craft, which has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and is recognised for its dedication to quality and innovation.


Dubai, a city renowned for its opulence and extravagance, is also a haven for water enthusiasts. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor looking for aquatic adventures, exploring the boat scene in Dubai is a must. From jet boats to luxury yachts, Dubai offers a wide range of options for boat lovers. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting world of used boat sales in Dubai.


In Dubai, finding your ideal yacht has never been simpler. You may browse a sizable selection of yachts and boats from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah thanks to Auto Trader UAE. Our portal is your entryway to the pinnacle of nautical luxury, whether you're looking for a sleek contemporary yacht or a timeless beauty.One of such boats that would bring you the thrill of Gulf Waters is 2013 Blazer SS;

  • The 2013 Blazer SS jet boat is your ticket to the ultimate adrenaline rush on the water if you're looking for thrilling aquatic experiences. This jet boat was created by the renowned boat builder Wellcraft and is a wonder of performance and design. Its length of 9.99 metres gives you and up to four friends plenty of room to set out on thrilling excursions through Dubai's sparkling waterways.
  • Its incredible power is one of the 2013 Blazer SS's most notable qualities. This jet boat is built to push the limits of performance with a powerful 200HP engine. Whether you're looking for calm, exciting cruises or heart-pounding bursts of acceleration, this boat gives it all with grace.

Are you prepared to enjoy the 2013 Blazer SS jet boat's thrills? You can confidently go off on your aquatic excursions with an AD ID of DEBT3019. This remarkable and well-kept boat is more than simply a means of transportation; it's a doorway to adventure on the water.

Renting Boats in Dubai

Our boat rental listings may accommodate any of your boating needs, whether they involve a romantic sunset cruise, a fun party on the water, or a day of fishing with friends. Boats of all shapes and sizes are included in our huge inventory, accommodating a wide range of preferences. You can select the ideal boat to meet your needs, from slick speedboats to roomy yachts. From fishing boats in Dubai to gulf craft boats, we as AutoTrader aim to make renting boats in Dubai as easy as possible.


Finding the perfect rental boat on our website is simple. You can narrow down your search by boat type, manufacture, year, price range, and other criteria using our simple search filters. This makes it possible for you to select the yacht that fits your needs and price range immediately.


Quality and dependability are given top priority in our listings for boat rentals at Auto Traders UAE. We choose only boats that are well-maintained and outfitted for a hassle-free experience because we know that safety and enjoyment go hand in hand.


Discover the ideal boat for your upcoming aquatic trip by visiting our Boat Rentals page at Auto Traders UAE. Your wonderful day on the water is only a click away thanks to our easy booking options and large selection of boats.

Gulf Craft Boats

Few names in the maritime sector are as revered and admired as Gulf Craft when it comes to boats. This Emirati boat builder, with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, has established a stellar reputation for creating boats that deftly combine luxury, innovation, and performance. Let's take a closer look at why Gulf Craft boats stand out in the world of marine craftsmanship.


Gulf Craft started building boats in 1982 and has been continuously striving for perfection ever since. The business has grown into a major player on the global stage and is renowned for its dedication to innovation and quality.


Gulf Craft boats are more than just seaworthy objects; they are visions come true. Every boat is evidence of the rigorous design and attention to detail. Gulf Craft offers a wide selection of alternatives to suit your own likes and preferences, whether you're looking for a stylish sports cruiser, a dependable fishing boat, or a sumptuous yacht.


Gulf Craft boats are built to perform; they are not simply about style and luxury. These boats are built to navigate the open sea with ease, providing every sailor with a comfortable and thrilling experience. Gulf Craft boats are renowned for their strength in the industry, making them a dependable option for both seasoned sailors and people new to boating.


The impact of Gulf Craft goes far beyond the UAE's borders. Sailors and boat enthusiasts all over the world like these vessels. Gulf Craft has established a reputation for providing the best luxury boating experiences, and it continues to do so with a significant global presence. With AutoTraders it is one click away to have your own luxury Gulf experience. Some of Gulf Craft boats for sale in Dubai are listed below;


33 ft Gulf Craft: Unveiling a Seafaring Gem:

The 33 ft Gulf Craft demands your attention if you're looking for a flexible and dependable boat to navigate Dubai's gorgeous waterways. With a Honda 250 engine from the same year, this model from 2006 promises a strong and consistent performance for your aquatic adventures. For those who yearn for the thrill of the water, this boat offers outstanding value at the asking price of AED 155,000.


Gulf Craft 31: Central Console Marvel

The Gulf Craft 31 Central Console is a boat that combines performance and adaptability, and it is worthy of your consideration. This yacht, which is 9.99 metres long, is evidence of Gulf Craft's commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. The United Arab Emirates, a region famed for its marine prowess, is where this 2003 model is from.


The two 2010 200 HP two-stroke engines that power the Gulf Craft 31 Central Console are from that year. For your water activities, these engines, which have clocked around 1400 operational hours, provide both power and dependability.


A number of improvements on this completely restored Gulf Craft boat will improve your sailing experience. For your comfort throughout your journeys, it has an onboard bathroom with both internal and outside sinks. The boat also has speakers and spotlights to make your time on the water more enjoyable.


This Gulf Craft 31 Central Console is now located in the Emirates, where it is awaiting its new owner to set out on exciting new maritime experiences.

Best Boats For Sale in Dubai

Those who love the sea are drawn to Dubai by its sparkling coastline, gorgeous marinas, and warm, inviting waves. If you're looking for the greatest boats for sale in Dubai, you're starting a quest to own more than just a boat—you're opening the door to a world of limitless aquatic activities. This section will examine what distinguishes Dubai's boat industry and how to locate the ideal boat to call your own.


Dubai: A Haven for Boat Lovers

Dubai's boat market has a wide selection of boats, so you may discover the one that best suits your needs. Dubai's boat market has it all, from svelte and manoeuvrable speed boats made for exhilarating rides on the waves to luxury yachts that embody sophistication. There is a boat that is ideal for your needs, whether you want to go on day trips, do deep-sea fishing, or organise unique events.


The boat market in Dubai is distinctive in that it serves both inexperienced and seasoned sailors. Dubai provides a wide range of options, whether you're looking for a brand-new boat with the newest technology or you prefer the affordability and character of a used boat. Particularly on the secondhand boat market, there is a possibility to get a high-quality boat at a more affordable price. is your dependable ally as you set out on your quest for the greatest boats for sale in Dubai. Our platform is a gold mine of listings that have been carefully chosen to fulfil the greatest requirements for quality, effectiveness, and dependability. Our boat listings follow the same guidelines as our commitment to offering the greatest prices on autos. has a wide range of options to fit your preferences, whether you're looking for fishing boats, jet boats, or opulent yachts. We are aware that having a boat in Dubai entails more than just making a purchase; it also opens the door to a world of aquatic explorations and priceless experiences on the water.


Dubai, a city where the unusual is commonplace, cordially welcomes you to set out on an unforgettable marine voyage. Dubai's boat scene has something for every water enthusiast, from the excitement of jet boats to the elegance of yachts, and from the adventure of fishing boats to the comfort of centre console designs.

We've examined the fascinating world of used boat sales in Dubai in this post, spotlighting prominent boat manufacturers like Gulf Craft and showing particular models like the 33-foot Gulf Craft. The Dubai boat market includes possibilities that will capture your imagination whether you're searching for speed, luxury, or comfort.


Your upcoming journey is here. To learn more about what this remarkable city has to offer, see Used Cars in Dubai, Bikes in Dubai, and Mobile Numbers in Dubai. Dubai invites you to a way of life where the spectacular is just the beginning; it's more than simply a place to visit.



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