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  • 2021
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AED 1,400,000

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In 1883 by Karl Benz in Stuttgart Germany and in 1926 the First Mercedes was made it get it is Official Name Mercedes as a luxury automobile company, and it is famous for it S-Class and the g wagon 

1999 was the year where Mercedes AMG started the tuning division for it is own engines, in 2012 the company started it Ultra luxury brand and named it Maybach.

For the car models name the Mercedes have 3 mean era which change the model names or just create new models from scratch, where is the first era it was before the year 1994 where is it was called the C-D-E-G and the C stand for couple the D stand for Diesel cars and the E for petrol cars, and the G for the 4X4 off road car. After 1994 they added some models like the A-class B-class, SLK sport car, and many mores 

In 2018 The Mercedes started it own eclectic cars and the name the line EQ, 

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