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Dubai number plates


 So, what exactly is Dubai's number plate system like? Dubai licence plates can include one or up to two of the letters A through AA, On a white plate. A maximum of five digits can be used in a number. In Dubai, an Indian billionaire spent $9 million for a single-digit car registration plate, adding to his collection of prized licence plates.


Have you ever wondered why Dubai plate numbers are so important?


You may occasionally spot an extravagant car with an even more exotic three, two, or even one-number plate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi traffic. Three, two, one digit -number plates will cost an arm and leg in Dubai. These pricey number plates also have social and psychological value because they are a symbol of wealth and status. According to an Emirati psychologist, societal pressure plays a large role in elevating one's status.


Dubai number plates for sale



Have you ever heard of selling or auctioning car number plates?


Dubai has an unusual little trait: Dubai plate numbers are status indicators.


It's a simple formula: the fewer the numbers, the more money you'll have in your bank account. A four- or five-digit licence plate is unlikely to attract attention or open many doors. A pleasingly uniform set of numbers on your plate, or even the absence of numbers, can function as a biometric swipe card into any luxury business

Money did not give this attitude, this attitude gave money.

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