Used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai

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Our selection of used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai

Used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai

About Used Lotus cars  For sale in Dubai

Lotus cars have storied history in the automotive industry worlds,  and it is known for their sleek designs and high performance capabilities. If you are in the market for  used Lotus in Dubai, you just get lucky. There are plenty of option available in the market, and Auto Trader UAE the car website is great place to start your search.

One popular model is the Lotus Elise cars, which was 1st introduce in the year of 1996. This lightweight sports car has been updated many years over the years, with different generations featuring many improvements and tweaks. The Series 1 Elise, for example was only available with  Rover K-series engine, while the Series 2 introduce Toyota engines as an option.

The Lotus Exige cars is another popular choice for car owner, known for its track ready performances and aggressive styling. This cars was 1st introduce in the year of 2000 and has gone through many updates and generations over the years. The Lotus Exige S, for example features supercharged engine for even more power.

Other Lotus models that may be available in Dubai include the Evora, a more practical and luxurious option, and the Esprit, a classic sports car that was famously featured in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me."

As for prices, used Lotus cars can vary widely depending on their age, condition, and mileage. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from AED 50,000 to AED 300,000 for a used Lotus in Dubai. Of course, prices may be higher for rarer models or those in particularly good condition.

Fortunately, Auto Trader UAE makes it easy to browse available options and compare prices. Simply search for "Lotus" on the site and filter by factors such as year, price, and location to find the perfect car for your needs.

It's worth noting that buying a used sports car like a Lotus comes with its own set of considerations. For example, you'll want to have the car inspected by a mechanic to ensure it's in good condition and doesn't have any hidden issues. You may also want to consider the cost of maintenance and repairs, as these can be higher for sports cars than for more practical vehicles.

Overall, if you're a fan of Lotus cars and are looking for a used model in Dubai, there are plenty of options available. With a little research and some careful consideration, you can find the perfect car to satisfy your need for speed and style.

In Dubai you can find used Lotus for sale almost in each showroom, used Lotus for sale in Dubai is one of the best-selling cars all over the UAE, Lotus cars in Dubai is famous for it is reliable and easy to maintenance and the spare part it is kind of affordable, you can search for used Lotus for sale in Dubai in Auto Trader and you can find used Lotus Imported from USA from GCC Specs and there is some Lotus for sale in Dubai imported from Europe, Used Lotus for sale in Dubai is a great choice if you looking for SUV cars, if move to Dubai or visiting Dubai you can rent A Lotus and drive around Dubai,

Is highly advised when you buy used Lotus In Dubai, to go to Lotus expert and check your car before buying it, Lotus is reliable cars but if something went wrong some time you end up with big bell, if you are searching for used Lotus for sale in Dubai it is easy to find it all in Auto Trader and save the trip, 

If you are Lotus Lover and you need to buy Used Lotus for your family there are many options and engine size you choice between Used Lotus in Abu Dhabi , Used Lotus For sale In Dubai, Used Lotus for sale in UAE,

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Price of Used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai 

The price range for Used Lotus  for sale in Dubai, it depends on the year of the car, conditions and specs, .

Search for Used or pre-owned Used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai and UAE

If you are looking to buy used or new Used Lotus  in Dubai, one of the best way is to search In our website Auto Trader Dubai, or depends on your city you can search for in the following car market in the UAE, Used Lotus  in used car complex in Aweer Dubai, Used Lotus   for sale in Sharjah car Market, Used Lotus  for sale in Abu Dhabi used car Market, Used Lotus      for sale in Ajman used car Showrooms, Used Lotus  for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road car showrooms, Used Lotus  for sale in Haraj  emirates, you can save the trip and search for your Used Lotus  for sale in all UAE by Simply go to Auto Trader UAE .

Lotus cars Near Me In Dubai.

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Used Lotus cars for sale in Auto Trader Dubai

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 Used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai


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Our selection of used Lotus cars for sale in Dubai

Used lotus by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Lotus Europa 1963 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus Esprit 1977 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus Elite 1978 AED 35,000 AED 35,000 AED 35,000 1
Used Lotus 340 R 1991 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus Elan 1994 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 2
Used Lotus Eclat 1996 AED 35,000 AED 35,000 AED 35,000 1
Used Lotus Emira 2011 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus 3 Eleven 2017 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus Elise 2020 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 2
Used Lotus Evija 2022 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Lotus Eletre 2023 AED 0 AED 451,000 AED 225,500 2
Used Lotus Emeya 2024 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
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