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Toyota decided to interdce to the wor;d it is new Luxury  carLine and it officially Launch in 1989 and the named the New Luxury car By Lexus. 

In 1989 Lexus Introduced the First car Ever holding it is New brand and it was sedan called Lexus LS400, and in 1990 Just one year  after for lunching the LS400 and  Es250, the Lexus ES250 was the most sedan to sell over USA 

And Between the year 1995 to 1997 Lexus added three more models to the brand where it introduced the LX450 for the first time and the Lexus ES300 and the Lexus GS300 and in 1997 Lexus added also the Lexus RS300 

And in the 2006 Lexus Start the new 2 line the Hybrid and the F-serious where the first Lexus Hybrid car was the GS 450H where is the latter H Stand for Hybrid and also launch it is performance vision of the F-sport and the first car was the Lexus IS F. 

After that Lexus Keep Luaching it is hybrid cars and it lunch Lexus CT 200H and in Lexus GS 450h and the Es 300h and the LS 500h

In dubai and UAE it is smart to buy new or used Lexus, it part is affordable and it is agent al-Futtim Provide a Great service so you  can find the car also almost everywhere, and you can find it in the main Lexus car  dealer or you can find imported cars with, from USA  and many other County, Our car dealer import the used Lexus cars  from all over the world, and you visit used car complex in AWEER or sharjah or Abu Dhabi or car Showrrom in Sheikh Zayed Road you can find allot of used car Lexus cars, or you can save the trip and search for your used car Lexus car in auto trader Dubai 

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