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2014 Used Kia Ray cars for sale in Dubai

Our selection of used Kia Ray cars for sale in Dubai

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The Kia Ray, a unique city car initially manufactured exclusively for the South Korean market, has found its way into the hearts of Dubai's automotive enthusiasts. As the demand for eco-friendly and compact vehicles rises, the pre-owned Kia Ray one for sale in Dubai becomes an attractive option for those navigating the city's bustling streets.
Distinct Features of the Kia Ray: The Kia Ray, based on the Kia Picanto/Morning, boasts a 998cc gasoline engine generating 78 PS at 6,400 rpm. Its standout feature is the unconventional door layout, with a sliding door on the passenger side for rear seats and a swing-out door on the driver's side. The kei car-inspired boxy dimensions give it a unique aesthetic, making it a notable presence on Dubai's roads.
Interior Innovation: Despite its compact size, the Ray maximizes interior space, thanks to its square shape. Able to comfortably seat four people, it challenges the notion that smaller cars compromise on passenger comfort. For those seeking a practical and nimble vehicle without sacrificing space, the pre-owned Kia Ray for sale in Dubai stands out in the market.
Electrifying Evolution: Kia Ray EV: In 2011, Kia took a bold step into the electric vehicle realm with the introduction of the Kia Ray EV. This marked the brand's foray into production battery electric vehicles, powered by a 50 kW electric motor and a 16.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. With an all-electric range of 138 km, the Kia Ray EV presents a green alternative for environmentally conscious drivers in Dubai.
Exploring the Used Kia Ray Market in Dubai: For those in search of second-hand Kia Ray one for sale in Dubai, the options are diverse and promising. The city's pre-owned car market offers a range of choices, allowing buyers to find the perfect balance between eco-friendly driving and budget considerations. As Kia continues to make strides in electric mobility, the used Kia Ray in Dubai becomes a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation.
The Kia Ray, whether in its traditional gasoline version or the electric variant, has established a notable presence in Dubai's automotive landscape. The availability of used Kia Ray for sale in Dubai provides an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a blend of compact design, innovative features, and eco-conscious driving. Embrace the future of motoring with a pre-owned Kia Ray in Dubai, where style meets sustainability.

Our selection of used Kia Ray cars for sale in Dubai

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Used Kia Ray 2014 AED 22,000 AED 22,000 AED 22,000 1
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