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Used Bmw X2 cars for sale in Dubai

Buy used BMW X2 cars in Dubai and find new BMW X2 cars in UAE for sale in the world favorite place to buy a car Auto Trader UAE

Our selection of used BMW X2 cars for sale in Dubai

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BMW X2 Cars in Dubai

BMW is one of the world leading brand in the car makers, renowned for producing some of the most luxurious and prestige’s cars and high-performance cars in the world. Among its vast lineup of cars and models, the BMW X2 stands out as stylish and versatile compact SUV cars that has gained immense popularity and trust in the city of Dubai automotive market, and now we will explore everything and discuss and talk about what you need to know about used BMW X2 cars for sale in Dubai.

The BMW X2 was 1st introduced in the year of 2017 as subcompact luxury SUV, fill the gap between the BMW X1 and X3 cars models. the X2 based on the BMW X1 platform but with sleeker and sportier and much stronger design and much better technology, The BMW X2 is available in many trim levels, including the sDrive and xDrive and M Sport and M35i. The latest generation of BMW X2 was launch in the year of 2021, featuring a refreshed design and updated technology.

The BMW X2 is an excellent choice for those seeking luxury compact SUV that offers both style and functionality. It features sleek exterior design, with low and wide stance that exudes sporty character. The interior is equally impressive, with a spacious cabin and premium materials. The BMW X2 is also equipped with advance technology and safety features, such as larger infotainment system and wireless charging and driver assistance systems.

The BMW X2 is available in different models and trims and engine sizes, and the trims is BMW X2 sDrive18i - sDrive20i and xDrive20i and xDrive25i and M35i and M Mesh Edition, you can buy used BMW X2 cars in Dubaion good price but the price  can vary depending on the model of the car and the year of the car and condition of the vehicle during the time of purchase, On average used BMW X2 car price can be found for prices ranging from AED 80,000 to AED 200,000.

There are several authorized BMW dealerships in Dubai that offer you new and used BMW X2 cars for sale. Some of the most well-known dealers is the BMW AGMC Dubai and BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and BMW AGMC Sharjah. These dealerships offer wide range of BMW X2 models and provide aftersales services such as maintenance and repairs.

The BMW X2 is known for its impressive performance and speed offering dynamic driving experience on both city roads and highways and it is so easy to go through traffic  if you get unlucky and drive thought traffic busy area of Dubai, The BMW X2 sDrive18i for instance, can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.6 seconds and the M35i can achieve the same feat in just 4.9 seconds, the top speed of the BMW X2 ranges from 205 km/h to 250 km/h, and all is depending on the model of the car.

Auto Trader UAE is one of the leading online platforms for buying and selling used and new cars in the UAE, and in Dubai The website offers vast selection of used BMW X2 cars for sale, with various models and years and price ranges, customers can browse through the listings and contact the sellers directly to negotiate the price and arrange a test drive.


The BMW X2 is a sleek and sporty subcompact SUV that has become very popular choice for drivers who are looking and searching  for vehicle that combines style and performance and practicality ,if you are in the cars market for used BMW X2 in Dubai, you will find plenty of options available, with different models and prices and dealers to choose from, The BMW X2 was first introduce in the year of 2017 as new addition to BMW's X series of SUVs. It was designed to be more affordable and sportier alternative to the BMW X1, with a more athletic exterior,  lower ride height, and a more aggressive driving experience, the 1st generation of the BMW X2 was produce from the year of 2017 to the year of2020, and it was available in several different trim levels size and many models, In the year of 2021 BMW introduce the 2ed generation of the X2, which features updated styling and new technology features and faster cars, the new X2 is available in two different trim levels, the sDrive28i and the xDrive28i, and both come with  turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers plenty of power and acceleration

Our selection of used BMW X2 cars for sale in Dubai

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Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used BMW X2 2019 AED 130,000 AED 130,000 AED 130,000 1
Used BMW X2 2021 AED 98,000 AED 120,000 AED 109,000 2
Used BMW X2 2023 AED 159,000 AED 159,000 AED 159,000 1
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