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2009 Used Toyota Prado cars for sale in Dubai

Buy used Toyota Prado in Dubai and find new Toyota Prado in UAE for sale in the world favorite place to buy a car Auto Trader UAE

Our selection of used Toyota Prado cars for sale in Dubai

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Toyota Prado Cars for sale in Dubai

 used Toyota Prado for sale in Dubai

 In 1984 Toyota introduce Prado as a Land Cruiser II, it 3 Door light Duty SUV . Till the 1990 where Toyota change the name into Prado, or Toyota land Cruiser Prado, the new SUV come into 2 size body the 3 door and the 5 door car, and they refer to the model as first generation (J70), the second generation (J90) start in 1996, till the year 2002 where Toyota introduced it is third generation of the Toyota Prado (J120) and it stay in production till the year of 2009 where the new generation of the Toyota Prado (J150) came out and it staying production till today, the people in UAE loves the new smaller Land Cruiser, in UAE  Toyota is will trust Brand and the Prado one of it is model, it is famous for being one of the best cars to drive in the desert.

Used Toyota Prado Cars for Sale in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and high performing SUV cars in the city of Dubai, a used Toyota Prado cars is an excellent choice for you. With long history of producing quality cars, Toyota  Land Cruiser cars has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and popular cars brands in the UAE and in the world. The Toyota Prado cars in particular, has been a favorite among SUV cars enthusiasts due to its rugged build, powerful engines, and comfortable interiors. In this guide we will explore the history of the Toyota Prado cars, it is  different generations, and where to find used Toyota Prado cars for sale in Dubai.

The Toyota Prado cars , also known as the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado cars, was first introduce in the year of 1984 as a midsize SUV cars . It was design to be smaller and more affordable version of the Toyota Land Cruiser cars, which is more larger and more luxurious SUV than the Toyota Prado. Since its debut, the Toyota Prado cars has gone many updates and redesigns to keeping it up with the changing automotive landscape. Today  it is one of the most popular SUVs in Dubai and around the world.

The Toyota Prado has gone through four generations since its inception, each one offering unique features and upgrades. The first generation, introduced in 1984, was available in three- and five-door models and had a boxy, angular design. The second generation, which arrived in 1990, featured a more rounded body shape and a more powerful engine. The third generation, released in 2002, was larger and more spacious than its predecessors and offered a wide range of luxury features. The current fourth-generation Toyota Prado, which was introduced in 2009, features a sleeker and more modern design, advanced safety features, and improved off-road capabilities.

If you're interested in buying a used Toyota Prado in Dubai, you're in luck. There are plenty of options available, with prices varying depending on the car's age, condition, mileage, and features. On Auto Trader UAE, for example, you can find used Toyota Prado cars for sale starting at around AED 30,000 for older models, while newer and more luxurious versions can cost upwards of AED 200,000.

When buying a used Toyota Prado, it's important to do your research and take the car for a test drive before making a purchase. Look for any signs of wear and tear, such as dents, scratches, or rust, and check the car's service history to ensure it has been well-maintained. You should also ask about the car's features, such as the engine size, transmission type, and any extra features such as leather seats or a sunroof.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a reliable and high-performing SUV in Dubai, a used Toyota Prado is an excellent choice. With its long history of quality and durability, the Toyota Prado is a favorite among SUV enthusiasts and is readily available on the used car market. Whether you're looking for an older and more affordable model or a newer and more luxurious version, you're sure to find a used Toyota Prado that suits your needs and budget. So, start your search today and experience the power and comfort of the Toyota Prado for yourself.

Toyota Prado Cars Trims for sale in dubai 

2022 Toyota Prado EXR for sale in dubai 

The Toyota Prado EXR comes with 4.0L V6 Engine, Produce 271 Hp,the Toyota Prado EXR 6 speed transmission, 7 seats.

2022 Toyota Prado GXR for sale in dubai 

The Toyota Prado GXR comes with 4.0L V6 Engine, Produce 271 Hp,the Toyota Prado GXR 6 speed transmission, 7 seats.

2022 Toyota Prado VXR for sale in dubai 

The Toyota Prado VXR comes with 4.0L V6 Engine, Produce 271 Hp, the Toyota Prado VXR have 6 speed transmission, 7 seats.

The Price of Toyota Prado for sale in dubai 

The price range of the new and used Toyota Prado for sale in dubai or UAE it goes from 167000 till over  AED  200900.

Search for Used or pre owned Toyota Prado for sale in dubai and North Emirates

If you are search for used or new Toyota Prado , you can find In our website auto trader UAE,  or you can visit used car complex in Aweer or sharjah or Abu Dhabi or car Showrooms in Sheikh Zayed Road to find allot of used or new Toyota Prado you can save the trip and search for your used Toyota Prado in Auto Trader Dubai 

Used Toyota Prado for in Auto Trader Dubai

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Our selection of used Toyota Prado cars for sale in Dubai

Used toyota prado by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Toyota Prado 2001 AED 20,000 AED 20,000 AED 20,000 1
Used Toyota Prado 2003 AED 26,000 AED 26,000 AED 26,000 1
Used Toyota Prado 2004 AED 28,500 AED 32,000 AED 30,250 2
Used Toyota Prado 2005 AED 28,000 AED 41,000 AED 32,600 5
Used Toyota Prado 2006 AED 30,000 AED 30,000 AED 30,000 1
Used Toyota Prado 2007 AED 0 AED 39,000 AED 27,833 6
Used Toyota Prado 2008 AED 28,000 AED 48,000 AED 37,813 8
Used Toyota Prado 2009 AED 34,000 AED 47,000 AED 39,500 6
Used Toyota Prado 2010 AED 0 AED 72,000 AED 51,200 5
Used Toyota Prado 2011 AED 55,000 AED 64,500 AED 59,667 3
Used Toyota Prado 2012 AED 0 AED 87,500 AED 63,167 9
Used Toyota Prado 2013 AED 67,000 AED 79,000 AED 73,700 5
Used Toyota Prado 2014 AED 0 AED 99,000 AED 74,125 8
Used Toyota Prado 2015 AED 0 AED 125,000 AED 62,625 12
Used Toyota Prado 2016 AED 0 AED 125,000 AED 81,700 15
Used Toyota Prado 2017 AED 0 AED 119,000 AED 90,143 7
Used Toyota Prado 2018 AED 89,000 AED 159,000 AED 132,333 3
Used Toyota Prado 2019 AED 0 AED 168,000 AED 109,750 8
Used Toyota Prado 2020 AED 135,000 AED 185,000 AED 152,600 5
Used Toyota Prado 2021 AED 133,000 AED 160,000 AED 146,500 2
Used Toyota Prado 2022 AED 0 AED 185,000 AED 59,684 19
Used Toyota Prado 2023 AED 0 AED 228,000 AED 23,844 45
Used Toyota Prado 2024 AED 0 AED 182,000 AED 36,400 5
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