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1999 Used Toyota Land cruiser cars for sale in Dubai

Buy used Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai and find new Toyota Land Cruiser in UAE for sale in the world favorite place to buy a car Auto Trader UAE

Our selection of used Toyota Land Cruiser cars for sale in Dubai

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Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Find Your Perfect Used Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai

Discover Premium Used Toyota Land Cruiser Cars in Dubai

Dubai, renowned for its opulent lifestyle, embraces luxury in every facet, including its automotive choices. Among the most coveted vehicles are Toyota Land Cruiser cars, celebrated for their robust build, reliability, and off-road prowess. If you're in the market for a used Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai, you're in luck. Auto Trader UAE offers an extensive selection that caters to both adventure seekers and those who appreciate luxury on wheels.

History and Evolution of Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota's legacy with the Land Cruiser dates back to 1951 when it was first introduced as a military vehicle. Over the decades, this iconic SUV has evolved through various generations, each marked by advancements in performance, comfort, and technology. From the early BJ and FJ models to the latest J200 and J300 series, the Toyota Land Cruiser has maintained its reputation as a rugged yet refined companion for desert exploration and everyday driving alike.

Why Choose a Used Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai?

In Dubai, where the desert terrain demands vehicles of exceptional capability, the Toyota Land Cruiser stands out. Known for its durability and ability to navigate harsh conditions with ease, it remains a popular choice among UAE residents. Whether you opt for the mid-size Land Cruiser Prado, the full-size Land Cruiser 200, or the utilitarian Land Cruiser Pickup, you'll find a range of options to suit your preferences and requirements.

Technical Specifications and Models Available

Models like the Toyota Land Cruiser EXR, VXR, GR Sport, and others offer impressive specifications such as a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 engine producing 409 HP, seating for seven, and advanced 10-speed or 6-speed automatic transmissions. These vehicles blend luxury with rugged performance, making them ideal for both family adventures and professional use in Dubai's demanding conditions.

Discover the Power and Prestige of a Used Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai

Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and adventure, offers the perfect environment to experience the legend: the Toyota Land Cruiser. This iconic SUV has dominated the market for over 6 decades, revered for its unparalleled combination of ruggedness, reliability, and off-road prowess.

A Legacy of Exploration: From Military Might to Global Domination

The Land Cruiser's story began in 1951, when the Japanese military demanded a vehicle capable of traversing the harshest terrains. The resulting machine, the BJ, exceeded expectations, showcasing exceptional durability and off-road capability. This success story propelled Toyota to develop subsequent generations, each building upon the strengths of its predecessor. Land Cruisers soon found themselves in the hands of civilians, companies, and adventurers worldwide, solidifying their reputation as unstoppable icons.

Find Your Perfect Pre-Owned Land Cruiser in Dubai's Thriving Market

Dubai boasts a flourishing market for used Toyota Land Cruisers, catering to a diverse range of needs and budgets. Here at Auto Trader UAE, we offer a comprehensive selection of pre-owned Land Cruisers, including:

  • Land Cruiser Prado: This mid-size SUV provides exceptional off-road capability without compromising on comfort, making it a favorite amongst families and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure without sacrificing everyday practicality.
  • Land Cruiser 200: For those who demand the ultimate in luxury and power, the full-size Land Cruiser 200 reigns supreme. Packed with features and boasting a spacious interior, it's the perfect blend of capability and refinement, ideal for families who crave both adventure and opulent comfort.
  • Land Cruiser Pickup: A true workhorse, the Land Cruiser Pickup is the ideal companion for commercial use or conquering challenging off-road terrains. Its robust build and unparalleled utility make it a favorite for those who require a vehicle that can handle anything they throw at it.

Unveiling the Legacy: Popular Trims for Every Desire

When it comes to used Toyota Land Cruisers in Dubai, there's a perfect trim for every driver's personality:

  • 2022 Land Cruiser EXR: This powerhouse features a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 engine churning out 409 HP, providing ample power for any adventure. Seating seven comfortably and equipped with a smooth 10-speed automatic transmission, the EXR offers a thrilling driving experience without sacrificing comfort.
  • 2022 Land Cruiser VXR: Another 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 champion, the VXR delivers the same exhilarating performance with 409 HP and 7-seat capacity. However, the VXR takes luxury to another level, boasting premium features that elevate every journey.
  • 2022 Land Cruiser GR Sport: Calling all driving enthusiasts! The GR Sport boasts a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 with 409 HP, promising an unforgettable driving experience. Encased in a sporty package, the GR Sport is ideal for those who crave a touch of adrenaline on their off-road adventures.
  • 2022 Land Cruiser GXR RB: This 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 option delivers 409 HP and 7-seater comfort, alongside a 10-speed automatic transmission for a smooth ride. Whether you're traversing dunes or cruising city streets, the GXR RB offers a blend of power and comfort.
  • 2022 Land Cruiser Black Edition: A head-turner with a bold presence, the Black Edition features a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 with 409 HP and 7 seats. This special edition lives up to its name, turning heads wherever it goes.

Beyond Power: Exploring Engine Options and Price Considerations

While the 2022 trims boast impressive Twin Turbo V6 engines, pre-owned Land Cruisers offer a wider range of options. You might find earlier models equipped with powerful 4.0L V6 engines, generating 271 HP and renowned for their legendary reliability. Paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, these variants provide a smooth and capable driving experience.

Price is naturally a significant factor when considering a used vehicle. Here at Auto Trader UAE, we understand that budgets vary. The good news is that used Toyota Land Cruisers cater to a wide range. Newer models with top-of-the-line features will naturally command higher prices. However, even older Land Cruisers retain their value exceptionally well due to their legendary durability and proven off-road capability. Our listings typically range from AED 231,900 to over AED 398,900, ensuring there's a perfect Land Cruiser waiting to match your budget and needs.

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Our selection of used Toyota Land Cruiser cars for sale in Dubai

Used toyota land-cruiser by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1973 AED 150,000 AED 150,000 AED 150,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1983 AED 40,000 AED 40,000 AED 40,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1985 AED 50,000 AED 50,000 AED 50,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1989 AED 50,000 AED 120,000 AED 85,000 2
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1995 AED 52,000 AED 52,000 AED 52,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1998 AED 18,000 AED 18,000 AED 18,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 1999 AED 21,000 AED 21,000 AED 21,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2000 AED 19,000 AED 29,000 AED 24,333 3
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2001 AED 31,000 AED 40,000 AED 35,500 2
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2002 AED 24,500 AED 42,000 AED 30,333 6
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2003 AED 32,000 AED 32,000 AED 32,000 1
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2004 AED 35,000 AED 42,000 AED 37,333 3
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2005 AED 35,000 AED 38,000 AED 37,000 3
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2006 AED 38,000 AED 55,000 AED 47,000 3
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2007 AED 29,000 AED 43,000 AED 36,000 2
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2008 AED 0 AED 68,000 AED 57,227 11
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2009 AED 47,000 AED 72,000 AED 62,318 11
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2010 AED 0 AED 105,000 AED 69,875 8
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 AED 65,500 AED 100,000 AED 78,000 9
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 AED 71,000 AED 95,000 AED 82,000 4
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2013 AED 0 AED 129,000 AED 66,800 10
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2014 AED 77,000 AED 130,000 AED 100,333 15
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 AED 0 AED 145,000 AED 94,136 23
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 AED 0 AED 179,000 AED 112,643 14
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 AED 0 AED 180,000 AED 119,111 9
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 AED 89 AED 220,000 AED 154,848 6
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 AED 0 AED 212,000 AED 110,800 5
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 AED 75,000 AED 250,000 AED 191,000 7
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 AED 0 AED 275,000 AED 210,500 10
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 AED 0 AED 373,000 AED 65,080 50
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 AED 0 AED 410,000 AED 49,966 59
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 10
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