Used Tesla for sale in Dubai

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Tesla is an electric car that needs a charger to drive. Used Tesla for sale in UAE is completely different from a hybrid car, where the hybrid car requires petrol on the road when the battery charge is down. Tesla used car price in Dubai at affordable. Used car buyers prefer to buy basic models, and they customize the car based on their needs.

Tesla Model S is an electric car filled with fun and energy. The interior design is luxurious, roomy and comfortable. It charges faster, accelerates quicker and drives a long distance. Performance of feature-packed version of the Model S does zero to 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds. Each battery in used Tesla Model S for sale in UAE covers over 300, 230, 100 miles. Touch Screen feature in used Tesla car for sale in Dubai includes all functional even when the car is in motion. These features are mostly attracted by UAE residents.

Tesla Model 3 is simpler, smaller and an affordable electric car. Autopilot feature works to some extent while travelling to a longer distance and maintain safer distance between the cars. Tesla Model 3 for sale in UAE can cover a distance of 548km based on the outside temperature and air conditioning kept in medium speed when the battery is fully charged. Tesla cars are less expensive.

Used Tesla Model X for sale in UAE travels 295 miles due to additional loss of aerodynamics and weight when compared to Tesla Model S. Acceleration is quick in Tesla motors. Tesla motors deliver unmatched performance, pairing a vehicle with sports performance. Tesla Model S delivers from 0 to 60 in just over 4 seconds, whereas the Tesla Model X delivers in just fewer than 5 seconds.

Whether Tesla is a luxurious car?

Tesla car is filled with style, electric power and high technology, but Tesla cars are mainly sold for its stunning performance and travel 300 miles. Used Tesla Model 3 for sale in UAE is luxurious and affordable while Used Tesla Model X for sale in UAE provides more room for cargo and passengers.

Does a Tesla car need fuel?

Yes. Tesla car does not need a drop of fuel. It is a zero-emission car and runs based on the battery charged. For this reason, used car buyers are interested to buy Tesla used car for sale in UAE. Only thing is they need to go to the nearby charger, rather than a gas station.

Where can I charge a Tesla in the UAE?

Almost in all shopping malls, Destination charging stations are available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to charge Tesla. In Abu Dhabi, Supercharger is available at Masdar City and one more at Jebel Ali in Dubai. Upcoming, more destination stations are planned to be opened in other Emirates.

What is a time duration to charge a Tesla?

Tesla charging stations charge up to 150kw per car and time taken per car is, within 20 minutes-50% is charged, and 100% is charged within 75 minutes. Some of the Tesla supercharging stations use solar panels to obtain energy and provide shades. In the upcoming years, Tesla planned to add solar power generation at superchargers.

What is the lifetime of Tesla battery in UAE?

In Used Tesla’s lifespan, Tesla battery can power its electric car for a million miles. On hearing this, used car buyers feel enthusiastic.

Used Tesla car price list

Tesla cars are elite when compared to other European EV brands. Used Tesla car price is very affordable with better range. Here is the list of used Tesla car price in UAE,

1. Tesla Model 3 price is 285,000 AED 

2. Tesla Model S price is 289,000 AED

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