Used Honda for sale in Dubai

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CRV LX 1.5L 2021

  • 2021
  • 29,000 Kms

AED 85,000

AED 36,500

2009 Honda CRv

  • 2009
  • 170,000 Kms

AED 20,000


Used car for sale

  • 2000
  • 206,377 Kms

AED 6,000

Honda civic 2018

  • 2018
  • 24,000 Kms

AED 48,000

Honda MRV 2007

  • 2007
  • 205,000 Kms

AED 16,000

Used Honda for sale in Dubai


Used Honda for sale in dubai in Dubai 

Honda Started manufacturing Motors-cycle and in  1963 Honda introduce to the world it is first car Honda foray, and it four wheels car it is chain pointed to the original of the brand the motorcycle  and a year later Honda Started it is racing, in 1972 the famous Civic introduce to the world and in 1976 the Accord came out, one of the first Honda 4X4 cars came out at 1995 and it car a name plate By Honda CRV, in 1991 Honda will be the first Japanese company to Launch it is Luxury New brand line in USA and the new line called Acura.

The most know and famous models from Honda in the region are, Honda City, `Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and the Honda Jazz, and the known 4X4cars from Honda also in the reign are the Honda CRV, Honda MRV, Honda Pilot. And also Honda have some sport cars like the Honda Civic Type R and the Honda NSX


Some Honda models for sale in dubai Honda .

Price for Used Honda for sale in dubai in Dubai 

The price range for used Honda for sale in Dubai, it depends on year car conation and specs, .

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Body style                       Hatchback - Sport car - SUV - Sedan    

Top speed                       

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