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Ferrari sport cars for sale in Dubai

Used Ferrari cars for sale in dubai / Ferrari the Luxury sport car

It is launched in 1947 in Maranello Italy, By Enzo Ferrari but it was working before that some Saif Ferrari launch in 1939, it launches it 12 Cylinder Engine in 1945 with the First Model called 125S, and 125 Sport and stayed with this 2 models for long time, 

the red Luxury  Sport car, even it come in allot of colors but the famous Luxury sport car known for being the red super sport car.In dubai you can see allot of Ferrari flash the roads around the luxury malls, anytime you visit dubai Mall or emirates mall or take a drive in Jumiera area you can sport allot of Ferrari drive by you, in many colors.

In 1987 Ferrari Introduce it is first line of hyper-car which is Raod raced car the F40 and keep updating this Virgin almost every 10 years, and I 1995 -1997 the F50 came out, and the F60 which is name after the founder Enzo introduce the world in 2009, and finally the La Ferrari the price tag for all this Ferrari is more than 5 digit in USD

There is a saying that 90% of the Ferrari first Owner they will by it in red, 

Even the Luxury Ferrari  has it Luxurious Brand and it start with the famous F40 then the F50 and then the Mitty Enzo and finally The Ferrari LaFerrari which is famous for it is Hybrid Engine 

the red sport car is very popular in dubai, in each showroom you can find used Ferrari for sale in dubai, and you can find it in all colors and models, used Ferrari cars for sale in UAE, driving around in Used Ferrari in Dubai or renting a Ferrari in dubai,

In Dubai you can find used Ferrari for sale almost in each showroom, used Ferrari for sale in Dubai is one of the best-selling cars all over the UAE, Ferrari cars in Dubai is famous for it is reliable and easy to maintenance and the spare part it is kind of affordable, you can search for used Ferrari for sale in Dubai in Auto Trader and you can find used Ferrari Imported from USA from Usa and there is some Ferrari for sale in Dubai imported from Europe, Used Ferrari for sale in Dubai is a great choice if you looking for sport cars, if move to Dubai or visiting Dubai you can rent A Ferrari and drive around Dubai,

Is highly advised when you buy used Ferrari In Dubai, to go to Ferrari expert and check your car before buying it, Ferrari is reliable cars but if something went wrong some time you end up with big bell, if you are searching for used Ferrari for sale in Dubai it is easy to find it all in Auto Trader and save the trip, 

When we talk about sport shiny cars the first world come to mind is Red Ferrari, During our show in Dubai we make a survey asking visitor which is your favorite car in the show 70% of the answers was The red Ferrari, and according to one study 70 - 80 % of Ferrari owner for the first time, there first cars will be red FerrariWe cant ignore the facts that is Ferrari is the best selling sport cars, and some Ferrari cars are made to be collector cars like the Ferrari Monza and the Ferrari F40, Ferrari F50, Ferrari F60, and the world most Expensive cars is the Ferrari 250 GTO 

If you are Ferrari Lover and you need to buy Used Ferrari Grand tourers for your family there are many options like used Ferrari California, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari FF, Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ferrari Portofino,

Interesting facts about Ferrari

  • The name Ferrari come from ferraro, which is family name in Italy, and Ferrari also known as the The Prancing Horse
    • The horse of Ferrari cars logo come after winning a race in 1923 the owner of Ferrari draw prancing horse for good luck
    • Ferrari known over the year for staling stying - Performance -great history
    • Ferrari has change many slogan over the year na date current slogan for Ferrari is we are the champions
    • The most expensive Ferrari till date is the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO
    • The fastest Ferrari up to date is the SF90 Stradale.

If you love sport cars and search for used Ferrari 458,Ferrari 488, Ferrari 430, Ferrari 360. 

And if you looking for convertible Ferrari, there is Ferrari California, Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari 488 Spider

if you are searching for used Ferrari as Super cars,  you can go for the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari F50, Ferrari F60,

And recently Ferrari lunch new 4X4 car the Ferrari purosangue

You can find allot of used Ferrari for sale in dubai, and if you take a drive in Shiekh Zayed Road you can find allot of luxury car showroom where you can find Modified of Ferrari like Mansourt Ferrari, In Auto Treader UAE it can safe you the search and find the all the new and used Ferrari, and the price start from 200 thousand dirhams.

Used Ferrari Models for sale in Dubai

Used Ferrari SF90 Stradale sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2020 Ferrari Introduce the Ferrari Roma, and it island it is grand touring high performance sport car, the name Roma stand for the 90th anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari, with 769 HP make it one of the fastest Ferrari ever made, the Ferrari SF90 can go from 0 to 100 in just 2.5 second, and the Ferrari SF90 Spider is a Variants from the Ferrari Roma, you can find the Ferrari SF90 for sale in Auto Trader

Used Ferrari Roma sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2020 Ferrari Introduce the Ferrari Roma, and it instead it is grand touring high performance sport car ,the name Roma to honer the Roma the capital of Italy the Roman mythology with 612 HP, the Ferrari Roma can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.4 second, and the Ferrari Roma is replacement of the Ferrari 812 Super- Fast , in Auto Trader you find Ferrari Roma for sale.

Used Ferrari 458 sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2009 Ferrari Introduce it is mid engine sport car the  Ferrari 458, and it is the replacment of the Ferrari F430 and replace latter with the Ferrari 488with 562 HP, the Ferrari 458 can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.4 second, and couple of Variants came out from the Ferrari 458, like the Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Ferrari 458 Speciale A and Ferrari 458 Challenge.

Used Ferrari 488 GTB sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2015 Ferrari Introduced it is new sport car the Ferrari 488, to replace the older car the Ferrari 458 the name come from 488 CC per cylinder, and replace latter with the Ferrari F8, with 661 HP, the Ferrari 488 can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.0 second,

Used Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2019 Ferrari Introduced it is mid engine sport car the Ferrari F8, Which is powered by the same engine of the 488 Pista, and it is the replacement of the Ferrari 488, with 710 HP, the Ferrari 458 can go from 0 to 100 in just 2.9 second, hand Ferrari F8 Spider was come out in the same year.

Used Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2006 Ferrari Introduced it is front engine grand tourer car the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, with 612 HP, the Ferrari 599 GTB can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.7 second, Variants. Ferrari 599 GTO.

Used Ferrari 612 Scaglietti sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2004 Ferrari Introduced it is 2+2 Coupe front engine grand tourer car the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, with 533 HP, the Ferrari 612 can go from 0 to 100 in just 4 second, the car replace after with the Ferrari FF.

Used Ferrari FF cars for sale in Dubai

in 2011 Ferrari Introduced in the world fastest four door ever the Ferrari FF, and the name FF stand for Four wheel Drive, with 650 HP, and top speed of 335 the Ferrari FF can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.7second, the Ferrari FF replace after with the Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

Used Ferrari GTC4Lusso sport cars for sale in Dubai

in 2016 Ferrari Introduced The front mid engine grand tourer four seat Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, and the name GTC4 Lusso stand for Grand tourer Coupe four seats, with 681 HP, and top speed of 335 the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso can go from 0 to 100 in just 3.4 second.

Used Ferrari 458 sport cars for sale in Dubai

In 2009 Ferrari Introduce the 458 to replace the Ferrari F430, The 458 enterally new car were Ferrari change it shape totally, it come with V8 engine produce 570 HP, and the name 458 came like the F360 the first cars of this series, and the nUmber refer engine displacement  of the number of cylinders, Couple of variant came our of the Ferrari 458 the like the Spyder, and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, which much faster Virgin of the 458 Speciale it goes from 0 to 100 kms in just 3.0 second where is the original Ferrari 458 goes in just 3,4 second, the 4 variant of the car was the Spyder, the Speciale, the Speciale A, challenge.

Used Ferrari 575 Maranello cars for sale in Dubai

In 2002 Ferrari it is Grand Tourer the 575M Maranello as an update for the Ferrari 550, and in 2006 replace by the 599 GTB , and the “m” for modified, convertible version of the car in 2005 introduced by Ferrari and called the Ferrari 575 Superamerica .  

Used Ferrari 599 GTB cars for sale in Dubai

In 2007 Ferrari it is Grand Tourer the 512 Fiorano , the replacement of Ferrari 575M and the car named after the number of CC it have 5,999 and Fiorano after the track the test of the car took place, and in 2010 Ferrari introduced it is special variant of the car the Ferrari 599 GTO, and the 599 GTO it is the fastest road car ever build by Ferrari, the 599 GTO is faster than the Enzo by1 second on the Fiorano track.  

Used Ferrari California cars for sale in Dubai

In 2008 Ferrari Introduce the Grand tourer coupe the California which is named after the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder 1950, the car went through 2 generation, the Second generation  appear in 2014 at Geneva Motor show, called the Ferrari California T powered by new engine V8 3,9 L produce 553 Hp, till the year of 2017 where is Ferrari ended 10 years of making the California and replace it with Ferrari Portofino

Used Ferrari Enzo cars for sale in Dubai

In 2002 Ferrari introduce Super car The Ferrari Enzo, it is name after the founder of Ferrari , Mr Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari build only 399  at the first and offer it to the owner of F40 and F50 cars but in the end Ferrari Build 493 Enzos,, the car build on F1 technology, F1 gear shift, with fill carbon fiber body and aluminum chassis, the over one million USD car, will come without air condition or sound system, the car one with 12 cylinder engine produce 651 horse power and can go from 0 to 100 kms in just 3.6 Second  

Used Ferrari F12 cars for sale in Dubai

In 2012 in Geneva Motor show Ferrari introduced it is new rear wheel mid Engine grand tourer car the New Ferrari F12 to replace to older car the Ferrari 599, which been replaced later on with the Ferrari 812 SuperFast, the F12 powered with V12 engine 6.3L produce 730 hp, the name Berlinetta mean in the Italian Language is ‘little saloon’ and it been describe the fastest car on the earth or the fast car ever built, man variant from the Ferrari F12, the most famous one in UAE is the Ferrari F12 TDF, and the TDF stand for (tour de France), unveiled in 2015. 

Used Ferrari 355 cars for sale in Dubai

In 1994 Ferrari introduce it is mid engine Sport car the Ferrari F355 to replace the Ferrari 348, Ferrari make allot of change of the 348 in shape and performance, and there was five variants from the Ferrari F355  (Ferrari F355 Berlinetta - Ferrari F355 Spider - Ferrari F355 GTS - Ferrari F355 Challenge) 

Used Ferrari F40 cars for sale in Dubai

 In 1987 Ferrari Announce the brith of it is  mid engine Supercar the Ferrari F50 to celebrate it is 40th Anniversary, only 400 car cars was build, and that time the price for Ferrari F40 around 400,000 USD, and that is allot of money for a car doesn’t have sound system or door handle or even carpets but you will have air condition for that sort of money, the F40 have V8 engine Produce 471 Hp.

Used Ferrari F430 cars for sale in Dubai

In 2004 Ferrari introduce it is Sport car the Ferrari F430 to replace the Ferrari F360, Ferrari Offer the new sport car in two sharp coupe and Spyder, the body change from Ferrari F360 to improve the aerodynamic of the car, and the new car use the Ferrari Enzo taillight, the car come with 4.3L engine V8 produce 483 Hp, 

Ferrari Monza In Dubai, Ferrari LaFerrari In Dubai, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso In Dubai, Ferrari FF In Dubai, Ferrari F8 Tributo In Dubai, Ferrari F50 In Dubai, Ferrari F430 In Dubai, Ferrari F12 In Dubai, Ferrari California In Dubai, Ferrari 812 Superfast In Dubai, Ferrari 612 In Dubai, Ferrari 599 In Dubai, Ferrari 575 SUPER AMERICA In Dubai, Ferrari 550 In Dubai,Ferrari 488 In Dubai, 

Price for Used Ferrari sport cars for sale  in Dubai / Ferrari Price in Dubai / Ferrari Price in UAE

The price range for used Ferrari for sale in Dubai, it depends on the year of the car, conditions and specs. the most expensive Ferrari for sale in Dubai is the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Ferrari Monza

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If you are looking to buy used or new Ferrari in Dubai, one of the best way is to search In our website Auto Trader Dubai, or depends on your city you can search for in the following car market in UAE, Used Ferrari in used car complex in Aweer Dubai, Used Ferrari for sale in Sharjah car Market, Used Ferrari for sale in Abu Dhabi used car Market, Used Ferrari for sale in Ajman used car Showrooms, Used Ferrari for sale in Sheikh Zayed Road car showrooms, Used Ferrari for sale in Haraj  emirates, you can save the trip and search for your Used Ferrari for sale in all UAE by Simply go to Auto Trader UAE .

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Ferrari  in Dubai, Ferrari  in Sharjah, Ferrari  in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari  in Ajman, Ferrari  in Ras al KHaimah, Ferrari  in Umm Al Quawain, Ferrari  in Al AIn, Ferrari  in Fujairah

Our selection of used Ferrari cars for sale in Dubai

Used Ferrari by price in Dubai

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Ferrari F40 1992 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 2
Used Ferrari 512 1993 AED 650,000 AED 650,000 AED 650,000 1
Used Ferrari 512 1995 AED 0 AED 0 AED 0 1
Used Ferrari 360 Modena 2003 AED 919,000 AED 919,000 AED 919,000 1
Used Ferrari 612 2006 AED 208 AED 208 AED 208 1
Used Ferrari 599 2008 AED 0 AED 1,199,000 AED 599,500 2
Used Ferrari F430 2009 AED 278,000 AED 1,599,000 AED 817,400 5
Used Ferrari FF 2012 AED 0 AED 3,999,000 AED 1,519,667 3
Used Ferrari 458 2013 AED 0 AED 749,000 AED 427,800 5
Used Ferrari 458 2014 AED 0 AED 2,999,000 AED 1,140,143 7
Used Ferrari F12 2015 AED 0 AED 11,999,000 AED 2,114,400 10
Used Ferrari 488 2016 AED 0 AED 749,000 AED 329,429 7
Used Ferrari GTC4 Lusso 2017 AED 0 AED 945,000 AED 497,855 11
Used Ferrari 488 2018 AED 0 AED 950,000 AED 375,727 11
Used Ferrari 488 2019 AED 0 AED 1,485,000 AED 776,600 5
Used Ferrari 488 2020 AED 0 AED 2,099,000 AED 1,252,538 13
Used Ferrari Roma 2021 AED 0 AED 2,949,000 AED 1,380,111 27
Used Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022 AED 0 AED 11,800,000 AED 1,687,559 34
Used Ferrari F8 Tributo 2023 AED 0 AED 3,299,000 AED 1,125,100 12
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