Diamond class

About Diamond class

Diamond class. with Over 15 years in Importing and exporting Luxury cars all over the world, Diamond class motors sold over 1500 used cars in Dubai, located in the heart of Aweer used cars Complex, Diamond class have over 50 Used Luxury cars for sale, you can find in Diamond class all great cars with best Price to offer, if you looking for used Luxury cars in Dubai Diamond class is one of the best showroom to visit, in Diamond class you can find all Luxury brands from Used Mercedes For sale in Dubai, used Bentley for sale in Dubai, Used BMW For sale in Dubai, Used Ferrari for sale in Dubai, used Rolls Royce for sale in Dubai, Used Range Rover For sale in Dubai, used land Rover Defender for sale in Dubai, Diamond class open New Busniess line where we star to resale electric and Hybrid cars, you can find now in Diamond class used Tesla for sale and New and used Land Rover Defender Hybrid for sale. all you need to do is visit our used cars showroom and find your cars

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